Walk Day 4 – Gwithian to Porthtowan

Friday 27th October 2017

9.75 miles today, 42.35 miles in total. Another lovely walking day; clear, slightly overcast with some sunshine in the afternoon – but oh my goodness, my knees. This was the ‘day of the steps’ on the SWCP. Steps which are designed and built by people much taller than me. My ear-worm changed from Mr’s rendition of ‘The Ballad of Trelawney’ that he was singing in the car to ‘the Grand Old Duke of York.’ Again.

2017 10 27 DSC_000001a Gwithian to Porthtowan

I started as always, from yesterday’s finishing point, and on the main road uphill. When I got to the top I switched across to the SWCP.

Today’s big theme was litter. So far I’ve found very little on the footpaths and it’s been easy to collect and dispose of it. Today there were a lot of squashed aluminium and steel cans, loads of McDonalds wrappers and even in one of the National Trust beauty spots, the remains of a firework party.

2017 10 27 DSC_0083 Gwithian to Porthtowan

The rubbish bag got too heavy, was catching on the brambles and tearing and I couldn’t find a bin. My ear worm changed to ‘Waltzing Matilda’ as I tried different ways of carrying a bag of swag – none of them very succesful.

I was getting quite frustrated when I reached a car park and approached a couple who were in their car admiring the view and asked them to take my rubbish home with them and dispose of it. They not only agreed, but they offered me a cup of tea from their Thermos as well. I keep saying it, but folks really are very nice and love to help.

2017 10 27 DSC_0091 Gwithian to Porthtowan

A lot of the path was alongside sheer drops over the most amazing cliffs, with some rather sad notices at several car parks and beauty spots that told their own story.

2017 10 27 DSC_0078 Gwithian to Porthtowan

2017 10 27 DSC_0079 Gwithian to Porthtowan

2017 10 27 DSC_0081 Gwithian to Porthtowan

2017 10 27 DSC_0087 Gwithian to Porthtowan

This was the most dramatic part of the landscape so far and I loved seeing it. My knees didn’t appreciate this though.

2017 10 27 DSC_0092 Gwithian to Porthtowan

Portreath was a welcome sight, and then I think there were four more sets of steps before Porthtowan and the long walk down to the Post Office to collect the stamp for my logbook.


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