Walk Day 5 – Porthtowan to Perranporth

Saturday 28th October 2017

7 miles today, 49.35 miles to date.Walking for 4 hours including breaks.

More good weather for walking today after an even colder start, but after yesterday’s steps I decided to hammer my feet by walking on the roads rather than stress my knees by more ‘steps’.

This shortened the route quite a lot which was welcome. It’s all a balancing act and I do feel as if I’m getting stronger.

My last view of Porthtowan. You can see yesterday’s path down from the cliff.

2017 10 28 DSC_0099 Porthtowan to Perranporth

The route was varied – hills of course, it’s always hills – but some tree lined, some open, sun and dappled shade, and the smell of woodland early on. There were some pretty houses tucked away.

2017 10 28 DSC_0100 Porthtowan to Perranporth

I had a complete mind-blank at one junction. I was looking at my map and compass and a woman on a bicycle stopped and asked if I needed help. The conversation went something like this,

“I’m trying to get to St Agnes and it should be straight on… but the map and the signpost say it is to the right”
“St Agnes is to the right”
“Yes, that’s what the map says too.” I remained puzzled for at least five minutes, but headed right anyway until my brain re-calibrated.

At St Agnes I found one of the oldest post boxes still in use.

2017 10 28 DSC_0101 Porthtowan to Perranporth

I also found a delightful Garden of Rest that had been adapted into a peaceful public park. It made a good place to stop and rest for a few minutes, and I was able to dispose of the collected rubbish in the bins. Excellent.

2017 10 28 DSC_0102 Porthtowan to Perranporth

St Agnes had some strange names as well. A house called ‘Slippy Widden’ and this street name,

2017 10 28 DSC_0103 Porthtowan to Perranporth

Something I didn’t photograph was the hair of the ladies of the town of St Agnes (which set off another ear-worm about the court of King Caractacus – you need to be a certain age to remember that one). I spoke to one lady, and saw another two who had white hair, but with vivid coloured accents in purple, deep pink and orange respectively. At first I wondered if this was a strange local fashion, then remembered that it’s the 28th October and Halloween is not far away, and I wondered about the social life of the ladies of the town of St Agnes.

Mr had been playing ball with Jet the dog on the beach, so when I got to Perranporth the dog was wet, sandy, tired and in his crate in the car. I was too late to get a stamp in the Post Office which had closed at 12.30pm as it was Saturday.

2017 10 28 DSC_0106 Porthtowan to Perranporth

Luckily some of the cafes were still open so as the darkness and the cold closed in we were able to get some hot food before returning to our tent.


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