End of Phase 1

Thursday 29th March

Routes (without the diversions)

Land’s End to St Agnes


St Agnes to Park Head


Mawgan Porth to Tintagel


Saturday 4th November 2017

Hopefully most of the blog is now updated, even if the unpacking isn’t complete and the washing is piled up… the rest of this post has been moved to the LEJOG page.



4 thoughts on “End of Phase 1

  1. Well done. A good start. Concentrate on everything lightweight is my advice starting with the rucksack if you haven’t already taken the plunge – there are many specialist lightweight backpacking versions available now which was not the case for me back in 2008. I eventually obtained, with some difficulty, an American GoLite but they have now ceased trading. I think chucking out cooking gear is a good idea. That may cause a little bit of discomfort, but be assured you will not starve. Roll on next April.

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  2. You may find a folding keyboard a help, Helen. It means you can see the entire screen on your phone and it’s so much easier to tap away on a separate keyboard. If your phone has a decent sized screen it’s easily possibly to use the WordPress app you use on your computer on your phone,

    This post might help:


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    1. Thank you Alan, that’s a helpful thought. So many gadgets… My biggest issue was learning to navigate the mobile version of each app, as well as to see the screen properly. I’ll see how the new phone works and make a decision once I’ve played with the technology a little longer.

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