Walk Day 18 – Wheddon Cross to Brendon Methodist Church

Monday 16th April 2018

9.26 miles. 191.38 total.

I was heading for Ralegh Cross but without anywhere to stay, and the pub told me they were closed for two days. My alternative options were looking unappealing when a co-incidence and some lateral thinking, a car journey to Washford and a bus trip left me at Butlins at Minehead. Creativity at it’s best.

The weather today was perfect for walking with cool breezes and sunshine. My extra mileage was created by an attempt at re-routing to Washford that I then had to backtrack quickly (as in, running uphill with full kit) to meet the car. I reached Brendon Methodist Church, a little short of my planned finish at Ralegh Cross before contact was made.

Lots of photos today because the weather was so much better.

Last night I stayed at the recently refurbished and modernised Exmoor House B&B at Wheddon Cross. It was extremely comfortable and thanks to their drying room I was able to pack everything dry this morning, including the tent. Result. And a special thank you to Teri and Austin for offering to taxi me back to Exmoor House tonight and tomorrow. That was kind.

Also to Andy Lea for his donation to PCRF.

Now to spend the evening relaxing and replanning tomorrow’s route.


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