Walk Day 19 – Brendon Methodist Church to West Bagborough

Tuesday 17th April

9.9 miles. 201.28 total.

4am. Yesterday I finished at Brendon Methodist Church, then got a lift to Washford where I caught the bus to Minehead. It’s possible to get back to Washford by public transport but no further. If I were to walk from Washford to my next destination the journey is the same length. But… my rules say I will walk every step from Lands End to John O’Groats so I need to get back to yesterday’s stopping point.

There are two choices:

Continue to the original plan but walk from Washford to BMC and on to Raleghs Cross to complete yesterday’s route, then start walking today’s route. Cost – 5 miles extra today.

Stay in Minehead tonight, leave my kit and take a circular walk from Washford to BMC return today. 10ish miles without a pack. Cost – 1 day, which would have been a day off in Bridgewater.

I’m now going back to sleep on it.

By 10am the solutìon had presented itself. My chauffeur kindly dropped me off at Brendon Methodist Chapel so that I could restart at yesterday’s stopping point. Perfect.

The mist was just starting so I paused to don full waterproofs. Just in time. There was a lot of road walking today and when I did get to use footpaths they were soggier and muddier than any so far. By the end of the day I rinsed mud out of my shoes and socks. Thick floppy sticky mud, runny slippery mud, red mud, black mud, more red mud. The stonier footpaths were streams.

However… trail shoes get wet but they dry relatively quickly (no chance of mine drying anytime soon; it’s still raining) and most stuff washes through.

The scenery is changing gradually and there are good views to be had both near (can you see the black cat?) and far.

Today’s treat was walking through a forest and listening to the West Somerset Railway steam engine in the distance. This part of the route even went under the railway track.

I keep meeting nice people 🙂 As I got close to my destination I moved out of the way of a car, only to meet the driver again at the top of the hill. After discovering that the last ‘pub’ was now a b&b her offer of tea and biscuits was very welcome. As was the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes. Thank you Cathy for the refreshment, company and your donation.

Just around the corner I was stopped again by someone wanting to check that I knew where I was going. The couple turned out to be knowledgeable about my destination and not only confirmed I was on course, “… the path is quite muddy …” but they too made a donation to PCRF. Thank you Carolynn Moore.

It was only about half a mile later that I found the campsite, a flat field (“… the ground is a bit wet …” said the owner) with the nicest garden shed containing toilet and washbasin. It even had bath mats, fresh towels and was spider free.

I had the site to myself and was able to hose the mud off and out of my shoes.

And here are some animals. Just because.


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