Walk Day 36 – Rushbury to Much Wenlock

Tuesday 15th May 2018

9.31 miles today. 388.96 total.

This is a ‘dark skies’ area and last night’s display of stars was awesome. All it took was to look up. Amazing.

The young people doing their Duke of Edinburgh training were up early and packed up. Their leaders went through the route for their hike and I was impressed with the care and detail in the plans to let the young people have an adventure but still keep them safe.

There was quite a heavy dew so I decided to wait for a while to let some of the damp evaporate.

An hour later I was on my way.

Up the hill from Coats Farm into the woods and then following the Shropshire Way, also called the Jack Mytton Way in parts.

Along Wenlock Edge and beautiful heat haze views across the ‘blue remembered hills’.

The day was warm, and waking in the damp dappled shade was a pleasure with plenty of bluebells and wild garlic to enjoy. The tracks were used by horse riders as well and seemed to be well used and well maintained. These two horses live on the farm where I had been camping.

It wasn’t long before I caught up with one group of young people cooking their lunch in the middle of the trail, and later they caught me as I stopped for my breakfast.

Our paths diverged when I dropped down to the road to continue into Much Wenlock, where I stopped at The Talbot for my now-standard pint of orange juice and lemonade on a warm day.

I was early for my meeting so looked around the church and then sat in the warm sun for a while. I found this door that looks like a puzzle. The step suggests it has been well used, but I wonder what the chevron cuts are about? Is it as simple as the base being replaced or the door being shortened, or is there a more mysterious explanation?

My lift arrived on time; a red open top Rolls Royce. It must have looked very odd to the people of Much Wenlock to see this hobo sitting in the back with such a glamorous couple. This was another example of generous hospitality being offered by apparent strangers. In this case we share DNA and an interest in family history. I had a most enjoyable evening in the company of cousins I hadn’t met before, and stayed in luxury overnight in their very special home.

These are the three cousins. We’re almost the same height.

Thank you Sue and Richard for your kind hospitality, and I also enjoyed meeting Mavis and Geoff.

To echo Richard, “we find joy in the unexpected”.


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