Walk Day 53b – Gargrave to Malham

Tuesday 19th June 2018

6.46 miles this afternoon. (11.46 miles today) 566.99 miles total.

Summertime, and the walking is easy. Mostly.

A few climbs but nothing taxing, and of course, lovely views again.

Initially through meadows.

Much of the journey followed the banks of the river.

It included more encounters of the bovine kind. At one point a mother and daughter were standing in my way on the path. The mother looked at me, the daughter tried to suckle, and I walked a wide circle around them.

This lamb was trying a varied diet. Grass must get boring after a while.

I met several other groups of walkers. The men that really impressed me were just getting back into their cars after a six mile walk around Airton. “It’s as much as we can manage nowadays. Every Tuesday we walk together.” They looked as if they were in their seventies, but then it transpired they were all in their eighties. One was eighty-three, another said he was eighty-six and a half. They were encouraging too, as most folks are.

These youngsters huddled together as I walked past. Maybe I looked too scary.

And finally – after over 560 miles…

My first proper cream tea of this journey. I shared the crumbs with a local sparrow.

It waited until I’d finished before landing on the table.

Malham Youth Hostel is fully booked with around fifty Year 4 schoolchildren and their teachers. I’ve booked the only available option which is a camping pod. Outside.


2 thoughts on “Walk Day 53b – Gargrave to Malham

  1. Still following you. You are passing through the Yorkshire Dales where I spent my teenage and later years climbing, walking, caving, fishing, and drinking beer, and it is till my favourite area. I sympathise with your YHA experience, it is all too familiar to me. They wouldn’t even let me camp at one of them because they had a party of children. You seem to be enjoying yourself with no complaints, all good stuff.


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