Walk Day 54 – Malham to Horton in Ribblesdale

Wednesday 20th June 2018

13.50 miles today. 580.49 miles total.

“Good if you like high, wild and lonely places” was the verdict on the Pennine Way delivered by one of the long-legged speedy locals today.

There was a succession of them, striding up hills as if they were flat, walking faster than I can run., keeping warm in the strong breezes. It was a chill wind today, bringing mist and rain, and clearing away the heaviest cloud later. Sunny patches started to scud across the landscape by around lunchtime, but the wind stayed strong.

There are few pictures from this morning because I was trying to keep the phone dry. Sadly I didnt see the Peregrine Falcons nesting at Malham Cove although others did.

The limestone pavement was slippery, and the Pennine Way signage (minimal) blended into the background of mist so it took me several attempts to prove I was in the right place and find the little gate in the wall. I suspect the sheep thought I’d taken up residence.

A party of foreign tourists passed me travelling in the other direction, and most were wearing inadequate clothing. They must have been soaked and frozen.

The first hint of the cloud lifting came on the northern edge of Malham Tarn.

After that it became easier to follow the paths, but distance vision remained a challenge.

By this time the cloud had lifted above the tops of the hills.

This is Pen y Ghent, one the ‘Yorkshire Three Peaks.

I had already decided to walk around it rather than over it because it comes at the end of a long day. A woman who set off on the ‘up route just as I set off on the ‘down route arrived at the campsite around 90 minutes after me, and she walks faster than me.

This was my, more gentle, route down.

My camp site tonight is busily packed with small tents. Horton in Ribblesdale appears to be a focus for the ‘Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge and it looks as if one large group is preparing for something similar.

This morning’s breakfast in the Youth Hostel showed how well behaved children can be. I hope the ‘older’ ones can be as good here tonight.


4 thoughts on “Walk Day 54 – Malham to Horton in Ribblesdale

    1. After our discussion, would you believe the problem has been with my foot? Hopefully only PF… I’m managing it, but really don’t want a showstopper. How are your feet surviving.


      1. Gel pads,superfeet green insoles, and avoiding long distance. Well, I’m not really managing the latter, but so far so good. Hope yours are ok.


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