End of Phase 4

Monday 25th June 2018

Train delays today have made this a long journey home.

As I left the Youth Hostel it was to the sound of a camera clicking. Hester had been commissioned to submit a set of updated photographs of Hawes YHA, the location and some guests. I doubt that I represent the YHA target market but it was nice to be included.

Yesterday three of us travelled with The Little White Bus Company (phone, book, pay, go – a most excellent arrangement) to Snaizeholme to find some special residents of the forest.

I sat very still…

This little one liked my walking poles.

It was a delightful experience, more so for being a last minute whim and with no expectations.

In the afternoon I attended a lecture in a very hot and stuffy room at the Museum. The topic was a survey of hay rake making at Askrigg, and although the subject sounds dry, I was interested in the farming methods and tools that kept so many people employed a century ago. Extra interest was added because the audience included people who added their memories of the industry and the people involved.

This morning I once again used the services of the Little White Bus Company to get to Garsdale Station. I think the drivers are volunteers but a lady on the station platform described their service as essential in a rural community.

Garsdale Station Platofrm
No plastic bottles here. Drinking water is on tap.

There was an air of ‘holiday’ about the Leeds – Settle – Carlisle line that disappeared once I arrived at Carlisle which hosted the Trans Pennine route as well as the traditional north-south Virgin trains. A number of freight trains went through the station while I waited.

Just oe of several freight trains using Carlisle Station

The hot weather added to the incident tally that meant over 50% of the trains were delayed, including my train south. Safely home at 10pm, a mere 12 hours after negotiating the Youth Hostel steps, and Phase 4 is complete.

Many thanks to Tom, who stopped me as I was boarding the bus in Hawes, told me he has cycled LEJOG twice, and made a donation to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. Also to Val for your donation that was waiting for me when I arrived home. Reflections to follow.


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