End of Phase 5

Sunday 29th July 2018

It’s hard to get a mental picture of the 750 miles that I’ve walked so far. But my disintegrating shoes and bowed tent poles, and the hole in my trousers are evidence that something has been happening. Perhaps surprisingly it’s taken until now to feel that my body is adapting to the workload, but I feel stronger than in April. The flip side is that I tried running today and my body seems to have forgotten how to do it. Never mind, I’ll catch up.

On this section, mostly the second half of the Pennine Way, I’ve planned food and water much better, but the very hot conditions have reminded me that electrolytes are also important. So they’re are being added to my pack for Phase 6.

I’ve ordered a replacement main pole for my tent, and a new pair of shoes. Hopefully I can also replace the foam/foil windscreen cover that I use as a sleep mat; the last one has worn a bit thin. And I’ve also got a bulk order of wash-in waterproofing on the way to treat my tent as well as the waterproofs. The sun won’t keep shining until October. I may need to order more socks, but I think they can wait until Phase 6.

Following Jan’s good advice I’m planning to bridge the one gap in my journey by walking from Cow Green Reservoir to Alston, probably during the gap between Phase 6 and 7 in September. I want to get to John O’Groats with every step completed rather than have an outstanding section nagging at me.

The next section starts at Kelso and goes through to Fort William. I’m looking forward to every aspect of it except for the midges.


2 thoughts on “End of Phase 5

  1. Enjoy the next stage of planning. I’d recommend splashing out on b&bs north of Inverness. Not many campsites and a bleak place even now. Time to rest your tootsies in the meantime


    1. Thanks Jan. Bleak… hmmm. According to my current plan I’ll be doing a fair amount of camping. This could get damp and chilly 😦
      Still rooting for you over the last few miles.


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