Walk Day 103 – Golspie to Brora

Wednesday 3rd October 2018.

8.93 miles today. 1116.64 miles total.

Yesterday’s wind gusts were strong enough to stop the ferries to Orkney and between the islands. This morning the wind had died down, to be replaced by steady light rain as I walked into Golspie centre.

The shortest route to Brora would have been 6 miles on the A9.

Instead, after food shopping I took the John O’Groats Trail

through the woods

to Dunrobin Castle, home of the Earl of Sutherland.

After a cup of coffee I followed the coastal path round to Brora. It isn’t waymarked and the beach is not accessible at high tide.

The variety of sandy beach,

dunes, fields and stones (what is this one?)

made a pleasant change to road walking.

A man called Dave stopped me at the harbour to say he admired what I’m doing. People are so encouraging 🙂

Along the coast I saw lots of seals and sea birds.

The weather, although mostly overcast, did have occasional clear spells.

After visiting the estuary,

I walked further into Brora following signs for ‘Information’ and ‘Hub’ hoping to find a list of places to stay. Instead I found a place offering lots of activity and other classes, a welcome for a dripping traveller and a cup of tea.

While there I found an AirBnB for tonight, passing this front garden display on the way.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I don’t need to camp in the cold any more. I’m going soft 😉


6 thoughts on “Walk Day 103 – Golspie to Brora

  1. Wow!! Great pics and a different route than Kevin the bucolicaholic so nice to see the JOG trail. Enjoy your final miles and days!!!
    Anna (aka “Annie”)


    1. Seems like an urgency grabs hold of people right around Brora. It did for me for sure (and Ed and Sarah) – I did this same bit of the JoGT but A9/A99 north of Brora. The A9 became much more bearable after Helmsdale. A little jealous that you’re still out there! Some great bits still to come.


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