Walk Day 107 – Dunbeath to Lybster

Monday 8th October 2018.

7.9 miles today. 1153.34 miles total.

Reverse travelling today!

The 81 bus took me to the harbour end of Lybster and I walked back towards the harbour before turning around to go back to Dunbeath. It seemed safer than trusting the sparse bus timetable, but while I was walking the right buses came past me, so I have a bit more confidence that the service exists.

Temperatures are still low but for a change, today it didn’t rain!

Lybster has a golf club, football pitch, harbour, heritage centre, glass factory and more. Today all except the glass studio were closed,

Every cafe and public toilet from Lybster to Dunbeath was also closed, as were the churches and the croft museum.

Leaves are still falling and the mist now hovers over the landscape reminding me of Keats’ ‘Ode to Autumn.’ “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…”

A resident of Dornoch had told me that the felled timber used to be transported from the North of Scotland down to Inverness by boat, but that stopped some years back. Every day I’ve seen numbers of timber laden lorries on the A9 heading south, and returning empty. I can’t help wondering what happens to all these precisely cut lengths of tree trunks.

Today the A99 was closed by a rolling road block as three lorries carrying extra-wide loads were escorted south. This is part of the tower for a wind turbine.

I finally saw some junior editions of the horned cattle that are associated with the highlands. These youngsters didn’t look very interested in me, except for one that had been de-horned, who watched from a safe distance.

The ivy on the house below made me smile.

More landscapes below.


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