Walk Day 109 – Whaligoe Steps to Wick

Wednesday 10th October 2018

7.15 miles today. 1166.69 miles total.

What a beautiful day. The view from my bedroom window at dawn was of low morning sunshine uplighting the tree outside.

The sun continued to shine all day and there was a coolness in the air that made walking a pleasure.

One of the features of this landscape is a large number of abandoned and derelict buildings. The house below was being engulfed by a tsunami of gorse.

The houses are well spaced and each has an area of fenced land, often with animals, and I wondered how many were working crofts.

More abandoned homes.

Another wide load was escorted past me on the road. Yesterday I realised that I was seeing parts of a giant wind turbine split over three days. Today it was the turn of three blades, one per lorry that required the police escort.

This was the disused but not forgotten railway station at Thrumster, the end of the line.

This little ode bemoans the closure of the Lybster railway line.

“Hid didnae gie a scrap for win’
Or hail or time or rain
But chooged away contented lek
Til Week – an back again”

Loch Hempriggs, just outside Wick.

Why do brown cows have black calves?

The landscape has flattened out with mixed farming.

Finally in Wick I explored a little before catching the bus back to my last night at the B&B.


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