Walk Day 110 – Wick to Keiss

Thursday 10th October 2018

8.41 miles today. 1175.10 miles total.

Mist, rain showers, low cloud and southerly winds were my companions on the road today. What a contrast to yesterday.

I started at Caithness Hospital bus stop, which meant overlapping a bit with yesterday, and set out following the road signs which now all show John O’Groats as a destination.

It was encouraging and motivating to see the numbers come down at each junction.

The house below epitomized many of the points I’d been noticing about Scottish architecture, even down to the shade of red paint. I just love the tower.

A rare Gaelic sign for this area.

Goodbye to Wick.

These goats were in a front garden, beautifully groomed and they all had collars. As I approached they bleated for attention.

“I can see the sea!”

There were occasional signs of the North Sea oil and gas industry, including this notice of ‘Sea to Shore.

My view of Keiss through the mist.

Keiss Beach doesn’t look too appealing today.

I’ve arrived just ahead of more squally showers and it is definitely much more pleasant to be indoors and watching it through the window. However, I’ve been enjoying these last few miles, despite the weather.

My ear-worm for today was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


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