Who is Helegant?

Behind every screen name is a real person. My screen name was once Helephant, in a time when animals seemed as good as any other moniker to keep safe online.
I like elephants. They are strong, helpful, usually good tempered, and very hard working. People think lions are the kings of the jungle. But even a lion will move if it finds itself in the path of an elephant.
Helephant changed to Helegant quite quickly for reasons now lost in the mists of time, but I think Gin and Tonic had something to do with it.
I met a lot of like-minded ‘strangers from the internet’ and discovered them to be mostly very nice and decent people, and we shared our real names and no-one turned out to be an axe murderer.  We ran races together and ate cake, and there have been lots of hugs.

What’s this all about?

“It’s just a phase, she’ll grow out of it”.
“She did what folks wanted, then what folks didn’t, then married a magician and became a priest.”

Then a Vicar, and now retired.

I’ve had lots of ‘phases’. Been there, done that, certificates, medals, rosettes mostly quite old and dusty now (glory days?), although I still treasure my Krypton Factor mug from 1983.

1983 207449_502829670989_4536_n
After all the phases to date I’m still here with the remnants of a t-shirt collection to show for it. Most have been recycled as cleaning cloths, and my knees don’t work as well as they once did.

I’ve been stuffing my head with book-learning for years and years, and have now donated my books for recycling into other brains. It’s time to stop being cerebral and start moving a bit more.

The Rules

You might want to sit in a comfy chair and fall asleep in front of the TV, and you are very welcome to do just that. Why not follow this blog in between the box sets? Meanwhile, although my abilities are less than they were, I’m still up for a good adventure, and every adventure starts with some rules. Here are mine.

  1. Run, walk or crawl all the way.
    Is that too obvious? I’ll be using transport links, personal and public to move between my accommodation and the finish/start points of each day’s walk, but I’ll restart where I left off.  Bridges are OK, ferries, helicopters and piggy-backs are not.
  2. I’m doing this because I want to, so rule 2 is “Enjoy the journey.” At least, try!
  3. Stay within my own capabilities. I inhabit an internet world where extreme achievements are normalised by some amazing people. I am in awe of you all, but can only work the body I have. Remember this on tough days.
  4. Leave no trace. “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.” I’m taking this a bit further because our land is precious. This means I’ll carry a rubbish bag and aim to deposit other people’s cans, bottles, crisp bags, sandwich and gel wrappers etc in waste bins as I find them. Won’t it be nice if I find nothing to collect? Hmmm.
  5. Visitors/fellow walkers are welcome (especially Fetchies – you know who you are).
    If you have positive comments and encouragement to offer, or you want to join in then please contact me, but standard rules apply.
    a) If you are an axe murderer, leave the axe at home.
    b) If you are an Eeyore/Henny Penny/Puddleglum/drain-person (as opposed to a radiator person), you are still welcome, but please don’t try to convince me that I’ll fail.

A postscript – added after Phase 1:
Ignore anything your body tells you for the first hour of any walk. The big muscles take a while to warm up so everything else anatomical has to work harder until they do and they are justified in their complaints. Barring actual injuries, however hard it is to start (and it is always hard to start) it will always get better.


2 thoughts on “About?

    1. Thank you. I’m deep in the planning stages for the Inverness to John O’Groats section right now, and raiding every bit of experience I can find online. So far I’m picking up that the John O’Groats trail is ‘good in parts’.

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