LEJOG 2017-2018

30th November 2017

If we temporarily ignore the question, “Why?” the next layer is “How?” and “When?”

As the idea began to form I started a notebook to capture the different ideas that go into making an adventure happen.  Page 1 included the various aspects that I thought I needed to consider:

Overall mileage, route, accommodation, equipment, cost, training (body and mind), support, timing, safety, record-keeping, preparation. I also need to think about the time spent away and what will be happening back at home. That sets some boundaries on when and for how long I’m comfortable to be away.

I’m going to try to organise this site to cover the different ideas that have made it through the percolation process.


As someone who likes to make unique mistakes (i.e. learn from other people where I can), I’d like to say a huge thank you to the many people who have gone before me and written blogs about their experiences.

As they say on game shows – in no particular order:

Rambling Man at https://ramblingman.org.uk/  I’ve followed this blog since I started planning The Ridgeway walk.
Mark Moxon at https://www.landsendjohnogroats.info/walking_tips/links.html The definitive LEJOG blog written in an amusing and informative style. Shame his book is out of print.
Daryl May at http://mylongwalk.com/Webdocs%20S%20Jogle/Southbound%20home.html another very amusing good read, and Daryl is really helpful as well as being realistic. It was he who suggested I leave the Trangia at home and travel with a can of sardines instead. It’s no wonder he lost weight on his journey!
Wayne and Danielle Fenton at http://www.treksnappy.com/the-pennine-way Great photographs and always positive. I’ve focused on their Pennine Way blog.
Philip and Marilyn Slater at http://ukendtoend.com/ I amuse myself by imagining the conversations they have that are not recorded in the blog, especially about navigation. I like the luxury of stopping to brew coffee every day, but not sure about carrying the extra weight. Her description of the peat bog on Black Hill was quite worrying until I discovered that bit has now been paved.
Alan Sloman https://alansloman.blogspot.co.uk/ one of those who are out there and have loads of experience walking in Britain. Also a good source of advice.
Adam Dawson http://adamswalk.com/ Young and fit, he did it the hard way, by adding a few extra goals and mileage but had a lot of support.
Jules Forth http://www.julesforth.com/walkingtheblackdog/about/ I’m hoping our paths will cross next April. We have each other’s phone numbers.

Update 23/11/17

I’ve been reading more blogs and thoroughly recommend these two:
http://litehikersblog.blogspot.co.uk – Geoff’s blog has given me some useful ideas about kit and about lightweight backpacking in general. I’m almost convinced about Pacer poles too 😉
Almost the opposite of litehiker, if the photos are to be believed are Dave and Dot: http://daveanddot.co.uk/ –  They seemed to have taken everything needed to be comfortable camping in icy January, so they are quite hardcore. They are one of those couples that I would love to meet. Their blog has lots of lovely detail about the people and places they came across, and they took a sightly different route to most folks which has made me rethink part of my route. If you come across them simply offer them a cup of tea. They won’t say no.

Current bedtime reading:
http://gayleybird.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/index-of-lejog-posts.html I liked her pre-walk haircut.
https://floraworks.me/ anyone who can drop in a comment about examining sea maps off the coast of Finland is already interesting 🙂





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